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Droll Yankees Bird Feeders

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Experience vs. Results

You have “10 years in the Web design business.” Whoopee. I don’t care how long you’ve been doing what you do. Years of service indicate nothing; you could be the worst 10-year programmer in the world.

I care about what you’ve done: how many sites you’ve created, how many back-end systems you’ve installed, how many customer-specific applications you’ve developed (and what kind)… all that matters is what you’ve done.

I totally agree! The above quote is from an article I just read, which you can find the link to below…

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New WordPress.com Home Page Quick Post Form Not So Great.

Image representing WordPress.com as depicted i...

Has anyone tried WordPress.com‘s new home page quick post form yet? They asked me and I posted the one before this one with it and it doubles the post on the page! How annoying. I’ll be moving this site to my own domain in the near future anyway, and I’ll be able to fix problems like that. Although I’ve never seen a bug like that on any self installed version of WordPress I’ve developed so I doubt that would have happened if this wasn’t a wordpress.com blog. Anyone else have this problem?


EDIT: It appears you can fix this by editing it in the normal way after.

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LagFix Banned on World of Tanks Forum!

That’s right, banned! They approved my app. then banned it when I posted about it! Well to be fair it is most likely because my app. is now available as a stand-alone .exe installer file to make it that much simpler for players. But it seems that was where I went wrong. I wrote my program to make it easier for people to make the changes these mod ‘packs’ make, and in an effort to make it that much easier it has been banned from the World of Tanks forums! Geez! You can’t win! Well I will still offer it on this site of course, and I will also now provide the source code if people prefer, to check it out for them selves then compile it on there own. Yes, I know! …this would be harder and take more time than installing one of those dang packs!, so what’s the point???

Example of Source Code

I agree but the issue seems to be that WG and a few sissy players, think that I’m hiding malware and viruses in my .exe, so I will provide the source for those wusses. 😉 Now I realize those wusses are the same people that won’t know what all the code means anyway or how to compile it after hurting their brains trying to read it, so it’s really a pointless step to make the source available, but if it helps them sleep at night and they download my program, then cool! If you’re looking for my post with the download link, just search using the search box at the bottom of the page.

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Blink HTML Tags! Really People???

I mean come on! Is today the first day of the internet??? Blink tags should NEVER be used! No browser except Firefox even supports them anymore, and I’d be willing to bet that wont be for long. Please stop using bad and outdated web technologies people… please!

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SEO Postion at Web Design Company!

I got a job! I’m so excited about the job I start monday, working for a web design company in New London, CT. I’ll be mostly dealing with SEO for the company, but by the sounds of it I wont be limited to just that. I’ll be able to contribute my skills in other areas as well. This is a dream come true for me, and even thouugh it’s only part time as of now, it will go to full-time as the company grows! I have though of starting my own team, so it will be exciting to be part of a team that is still young. I’m so thankful to have the oportunity to grow with them. That’s all for now.

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Beautiful Art Created with Open Source Software.

I just found this on-line magazine that showcases art made with open-source software like GIMP and Inkscape. This magazine is really well put together, and has a clean and attractive look. Some might argue that GIMP and Inkscape lack the features of Photoshop and Illustrator, but one look at this magazine proves that just because these programs are open-source, certainly doesn’t mean they lack the power to produce professional quality work. Have a look for yourself! Visit CODE:FREE Magazine

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