Making Money Online.

I love computers.  More specifically, I love the internet.  Most people do these days, I think.  Ever since my parents got an old Commodore 64 when I was barely of double digit age, I was hooked.  But we got it when everyone else was getting online.  It was time for an upgrade.

So I would get old computers from relatives and the garbage dump in town, and piece together working machines.  I enjoyed that and learn a little along the way.  Once we had a computer fast enough for dial-up internet (LOL) we got the service and I loved computers even more.

I soon started playing around with web design.  Does anyone remember GeoCities?

I took Electronics all four years of high school, and a post-graduate Computer Repair course on the side before I even graduated.  Once I hit college though, I realized I couldn’t stand sitting in a classroom for any longer.  So I failed out of two classes and dropped out of the other two.

It was dumb of me because I was put on some sort of “academic probation”, which basically meant that the grants I got to go to that first semester of college 100% free, were now never available to me again.  So maybe a year later when I decided to go to school for what I do now, I had to pay in full, out-of-pocket.

I drive tractor-trailers now.  I loved it in the beginning, and got with the largest company in the country and they paid off my student loans.  So schooling is out of the way and paid for.

Today I’m happily married to the best woman God made (sorry mom, you’re 2nd in line.  Love you! )  and I now have a couple year old laptop (thanks mom and dad!).  I am just as happy with it as I was with the ol’ Commodore.

The issue now is that even though I still enjoy driving, I’m beginning to get tired of it.  I’ve started thinking about pursuing a career in my original field, of Computers and the like.  Although now I’m only 26, I don’t want to go back to school because I still hate classroom learning.

So how does someone with little education in the field learn about and pursue making money with computers and the internet???  Well that’s where I’m at now.  I just thought I’d start this blog to document my quest, and hopefully get some input from people with more knowledge and ideas.

I just got involved with affiliate marketing, so we’ll see where that goes.  Any affiliates out there with advice?  Anyone know of other ways to make money online?

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