I Have Some Catching Up to Do.

I love the internet.  Have I mentioned that yet? 🙂 I’ve been learning as I go with my latest adventure.  I created an affiliate linking website for Christmas gifts.  I love Christmas too!  Like I mentioned before, I’ve played with web design when I was younger, but man is there a lot that’s changed!  And a lot I need to catch up on!

No big deal.  I love the journey.   Although my final goal is still to generate enough income online that I can quit my day job.  I’m going to do this! You watch!  I’m only at the beginning though, and can use all the help I can get.  Where to begin?! Aghhh!!! The more I learn the more complicated it seems to get.

information hydrant

There’s so much information on the web too.  It’s easy to get overloaded.  Which is what was happening a few minutes ago while I was learning about SEO and analytics.  So I figured I’d come here and cool down. 🙂  Any of you other affilates and geeks get overloaded on info.?

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