Dream with Me for a Moment

Un dollar us

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Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my ma and pa…

…just kidding.

I often like to think about what I would do if I had a couple million U.S. currency points in the bank.  First I would quit my job.  That would free up the majority of my time.  I could then spend that time with family and friends.  I could also use that free time to contemplate new ways for generating income.

I would start investing in real estate.  And continue to learn about web design, and maybe start a small web design company.  I’d travel the country.  Buy some toys.  And help people in big ways.  That would be fun.

I guess at this point, what I would do isn’t as important as how I would get there.  So… how do I plan to get there?  Well I don’t know for sure.  I would like to try to come up with a way to make passive income online.  Once it becomes profitable enough I can quit my job, and my plan will begin to take affect.

But how do you start when you have little knowledge, skill, and start-up money?  Searching for information online can be overwhelming.  It’s difficult to sort through all the scams and know what is the legit information.

I have found that affiliate marketing can be cheap and easy to get into.  But it seems that it generates little extra income, and can take a while to get the ball rolling.

Any affiliate marketers out there that can give me any quality advice?

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