Free Domain Name with Great Web Hosting!

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hey all! so if i haven’t told you about my attempt at affiliate marketing yet, check out my site: Top Christmas Gifts List. Honestly, the fun as fizzled out for me. maybe because i haven’t made a penny yet! 🙂 no worrys. it’s been a great learning experience. and i’m not giving up just yet. i have learned that i should have done much better keyword and niche research than i did, for one. also, i didn’t realize how awesome my web host was until i saw my cousin’s host from the backend. and the (free) host my current client uses has terrible speed and uptime.

Web host manager as root

bluehost has been awesome for me! it uses ‘cPanel‘ for it’s control panel and it’s easy to use and let’s you use tons of third party services on you site with just a few clicks. super easy. the uptime is amazing, and if you use them as your host you can get your domain name through them for free! really cool. if you are looking for a good web host, use bluehost. im not just plugging them to make money or cause i use them. i’m telling you from personal experince, you will not be dissapointed with bluehost!

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2 Responses to Free Domain Name with Great Web Hosting!

  1. cludaizd says:

    Sounds an aweful lot like a plug to me!

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