Happy Thanksgiving! (Fun with GIMP)

Another great open source program I have come across recently is GIMP. It’s as close as you can get to Adobe’s Photoshop without paying the $300 bucks! (or whatever it cost now). It will come in handy for me to design web sites, then slice them up, so they can be coded. Now I just need to figure out how to use it! I skimmed though the user manual, watched a few tutorials, and then just dove right in. I find I learn best by just doing sometimes. I cropped a picture of me from a hike my wife and I went on one weekend. Made the background transparent, and made the shadow a solid color. All very easy basic things for someone good at Photoshop or GIMP but it took me about an hour. I think it came out ok so I think I might use it on my about page. Check out GIMP, it’s great!

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7 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! (Fun with GIMP)

  1. deli girl says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool! I like the opaque shadow too.

  2. crizzegg says:

    Is that hoody tye-dye? Pretty cool, I just downloaded it myself. Have you checked out inkscape yet? It’s also very handy.

  3. deli girl says:

    Hoody? You mean hoodie? Goodness. I was all thinking… man what’s a WWWHOOOOO-deee?!!

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