Free World of Tanks Hacker

World of TanksLove World of Tanks but have a slower machine? Already changed all your game’s graphic settings as low as they can go and still want better frames per second (FPS)? Not comfortable editing or deleting important WoT game files? I might have your answer. I have made a small program that will allow you to make some small changes to the game without any advanced knowledge!  These changes MAY provide SMALL gains in FPS! A faster machine may not see a difference but applying some or all of these small changes may be just what a slower machine needs to be able to play World of Tanks without ripping your hair out! Does your mouse move slower in the garage of the game then when you’re just mousing around Windows? My program will allow you to speed up your garage in two clicks! Does your FPS drop when you enter sniper mode, so you can’t focus in on that enemy?  My program will allow you to fix that! And best of all, if you decide you want to return World of Tanks to it’s original settings, just un-check a box, and your back to normal! I may sound like I’m trying to sell something but I’m offering my program for FREE! Future versions will be available soon with more options! The current version is available now! DISCLAIMER:  You may change, edit, and re-distribute this program as you like for FREE! I only ask that you give me some credit with a link back to this site. If you edit this program in any way and lose/ruin your game files as a result; I am NOT responsible. By downloading my program you are agreeing to these terms. Always back up your game files when attempting to mess with them yourself! INSTRUCTIONS: Click the download link below. Extract the contents. Open the folder. Click on the file named ‘WoT Hacker’ . Enjoy! Leave comments below with any questions or problems you have. Thanks!



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5 Responses to Free World of Tanks Hacker

  1. Gunnar says:

    Loved it!! absolute ease!!! in seconds you can get your hands on easily some of the best software iv ever seen made by someone who isn’t making millions!!! 2 clicks and boom fps is up, no lag, AND sniping isn’t tunnel-vision!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! 10 out of 10

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  3. brian crist says:

    Thank You, works great and was simple to install. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Tanker says:

    Did it works with 0.7.3 ?

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