Computer and Web Design/Development

This has been saved as a draft for about a month now and I’ve decided to finish and post it. I’ve passionately enjoyed computers and the Internet since I was very young, but during my recent five months off I have furthered my knowledge of computers and web development and hope to pursue it as a career. This is a collection of the things I’ve learned and accomplished to date.

Since grade school I have known how to code static web sites in HTML, however, in the past five months I’ve also gotten up to speed with the latest web development standards including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. I’ve had the chance to create sites with dynamic content, such as this blog, and started learning how to optimize sites to rank well within search engines (SEO). I’ve come to know and love the WordPress platform and have also recently been learning how to develop plugins for the CMS. I have experience using GIMP and Inkscape and enjoyed both very much. I’ve learned how to program in Python and am a big fan of open source software. It’s a constant learning process in all of the above-mentioned technologies and I hope to start putting my skills to work with a small team, and maybe a team of my own eventually.

Here are a few web sites I’ve created:

A program I wrote:


And some graphic designs:

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3 Responses to Computer and Web Design/Development

  1. askvishal says:

    Wow you are impressive learning web development so fast, I know to design in gimp and html and css static sites, but I suck at programing php my sql, is it possible I could become a cms webdesigner like using joomla or wordpress. You advice would greatly appreciated coz I love to design and I want to make a career out of it coz it is my dream.

    • Vishal, Thank you for your kind words! I had a look at your site, and was very impressed with your work as well. While I’m learning a lot in web development, I have trouble finding the creativity to come up with fresh designs. We should keep in touch, because I’d love to share my knowledge with someone who enjoys web design/development as much as I do. Maybe someday we could combine our strengths to team up on some projects! God Bless!

      • askvishal says:

        Its my pleasure, I look for blogs that interested me and yours did :), and thank you for visiting my blog also means a lot to me. Yes web and graphic design is my passion I love it, and glad to find some like you who does to. I love to team up in future , guess I should add that to my goals. I love to keep in contact you certainly interesting and would love hear what knowledge you have to share.

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