SEO Postion at Web Design Company!

I got a job! I’m so excited about the job I start monday, working for a web design company in New London, CT. I’ll be mostly dealing with SEO for the company, but by the sounds of it I wont be limited to just that. I’ll be able to contribute my skills in other areas as well. This is a dream come true for me, and even thouugh it’s only part time as of now, it will go to full-time as the company grows! I have though of starting my own team, so it will be exciting to be part of a team that is still young. I’m so thankful to have the oportunity to grow with them. That’s all for now.

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One Response to SEO Postion at Web Design Company!

  1. baidya says:

    Nice to hear about your enthusiasm with your new company you have joined. Keep patience. Work as the assignment given to you and soon you will get other job responsibility. May be in future you will become the team lead if your company will do SEO projects along with the development.

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