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This has been saved as a draft for about a month now and I’ve decided to finish and post it. I’ve passionately enjoyed computers and the Internet since I was very young, but during my recent five months off I have furthered my knowledge of computers and web development and hope to pursue it as a career. This is a collection of the things I’ve learned and accomplished to date.

Since grade school I have known how to code static web sites in HTML, however, in the past five months I’ve also gotten up to speed with the latest web development standards including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. I’ve had the chance to create sites with dynamic content, such as this blog, and started learning how to optimize sites to rank well within search engines (SEO). I’ve come to know and love the WordPress platform and have also recently been learning how to develop plugins for the CMS. I have experience using GIMP and Inkscape and enjoyed both very much. I’ve learned how to program in Python and am a big fan of open source software. It’s a constant learning process in all of the above-mentioned technologies and I hope to start putting my skills to work with a small team, and maybe a team of my own eventually.

Here are a few web sites I’ve created:

A program I wrote:


And some graphic designs:

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Sorry it took so long. New job has got me busy busy.

Works with WoT 7.5!!!

LagFix is a program that will allow you to disable some effects in World of Tanks, in order to gain a few FPS. Do this by simply checking the box next to the effect you want disabled. If WoT is installed in a different folder other than the default (C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\) you must tell LagFix this by selecting the folder you’ve installed WoT in, under the Settings menu in LagFix, by clicking ‘Game Path’. You can disable all effects by clicking ‘Select’ from the menu, then selecting ‘All’. Be sure to press ‘Save Changes’ when you’re done! You can now run WoT, and the effects you selected will be disabled. Be sure to delete any previous versions of LagFix before using the current version, to avoid any conflicts.

Download LagFix

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Free World of Tanks Hacker

World of TanksLove World of Tanks but have a slower machine? Already changed all your game’s graphic settings as low as they can go and still want better frames per second (FPS)? Not comfortable editing or deleting important WoT game files? I might have your answer. I have made a small program that will allow you to make some small changes to the game without any advanced knowledge!  These changes MAY provide SMALL gains in FPS! A faster machine may not see a difference but applying some or all of these small changes may be just what a slower machine needs to be able to play World of Tanks without ripping your hair out! Does your mouse move slower in the garage of the game then when you’re just mousing around Windows? My program will allow you to speed up your garage in two clicks! Does your FPS drop when you enter sniper mode, so you can’t focus in on that enemy?  My program will allow you to fix that! And best of all, if you decide you want to return World of Tanks to it’s original settings, just un-check a box, and your back to normal! I may sound like I’m trying to sell something but I’m offering my program for FREE! Future versions will be available soon with more options! The current version is available now! Continue reading

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If you’re using Linux and want to use Windows applications and games (like World of Tanks!) go get Wine! It’s great. And with a little tweaking it may even run that Windows app. better than Windows did!

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Merry (Late) Christmas!

Merry Christmas

I just realized I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving so I thought I’d update all one persons that are following this blog. 🙂 It’s been almost two months, I think, since I lost my job. I have built two websites for clients for next to no pay. It has been a learning experience. Although it may not sound fruitful, it’s made me realize that I really want to make this career change permanent. I always loved this field, but the more I learn, the more I want to …well… keep learning! I also decided I want to focus my area of expertise in designing and developing web site themes. Word Press themes specifically. In building the two sites I mentioned above and getting to know (and like) Word Press more, I discovered Theme Forest. It’s one of the top three marketplaces for selling web site themes. If I can come up with some designs that sell, I can still get to design and develop but won’t have to deal with tailoring my work to a specific customer. I can design and develop at my own pace and sit back and collect money as my themes sell! Now understand that I understand… there’s more to it than that. I need to become great ( or at least for now, decent ) at web design. This means learning and applying the latest and top design techniques. I will also need to get great with using Photo Shop, or it’s close second (in my opinion) and as I prefer, GIMP. I will have to continue learning the latest in web development. Including, but not limited to, the latest standards such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc. And staying up-to-date with my CMS of choice Word Press. So.. I’ve gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the past couple months, but I have a lot yet to learn. But, God willing, I’ll be working from home selling my designs on-line in the next year or two. Enjoy the new year! (I plan to)

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Happy Thanksgiving! (Fun with GIMP)

Another great open source program I have come across recently is GIMP. It’s as close as you can get to Adobe’s Photoshop without paying the $300 bucks! (or whatever it cost now). It will come in handy for me to design web sites, then slice them up, so they can be coded. Now I just need to figure out how to use it! I skimmed though the user manual, watched a few tutorials, and then just dove right in. I find I learn best by just doing sometimes. I cropped a picture of me from a hike my wife and I went on one weekend. Made the background transparent, and made the shadow a solid color. All very easy basic things for someone good at Photoshop or GIMP but it took me about an hour. I think it came out ok so I think I might use it on my about page. Check out GIMP, it’s great!

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